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Nikon, Olympus, Fuji 8-pin C Digital Camera USB Cable

Nikon, Olympus, Fuji 8-pin C Digital Camera USB Cable

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Product Description

8-pin USB (C) - suits Pentax / Panasonic / Nikon / Olympus / FujiPlease note: This is by far the most common digital camera cable and most new models use it, but there are quite a few other types of 8-pin connectors for digital cameras. Please check the close-up pictures of this cable to confirm it is the correct connector, or email us if you are unsure.Compatible with:NikonCable is also known as UC-E6- Coolpix: AW100, AW100S- CoolPix: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L10, L11, L12, L14, L15, L16, L18, L19- CoolPix: L20, L22, L23, L24, L25, L27,L28, L100, L110, L120, L123, L610- CoolPix: P1, P2, P3, P4, P50, P60, P80, P90, P100, P300, P310, P500, P510, - CoolPix: P5000, P5100, P6000, P7000, P7100- CoolPix: S01, S4, S5, S9, S10, S70, S80, S100, S200, S200di, S210, S220- CoolPix: S230, S500, S510, S520, S560, S570, S600, S620, S630, S640- CoolPix: S710, S800C, S1000PJ, S1100PJ, S1200PJ, S2500, S2550, S2600, S2900, S3000, S3100- CoolPix: S4000, S4100, S4150, S4200, S4300, S5100, S6000, S6100, S6150, S6200- CoolPix: S3300, S6300, S6400, S8000, S8100, S8200, S9100- CoolPix: S8200, S9100, S9200, S9300, S9400, S9500- CoolPix: 2100, 2200, 3100, 3200, 3700, 4100, 4200, 4600, 4800, 5200- CoolPix: 5600, 5900, 7600, 7900, 8400, 8800- D Series: D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D7100,  OlympusCable is also known as CB-USB7- C Series: C-520- D Series: D-705, D-710, D-750, D-755, D-760- FE Series: FE-20, FE-45, FE-46, FE-47, FE-150, FE-160, FE-180- FE Series: FE-190, FE-220, FE-230, FE-240, FE-250, FE-280, FE-290- FE Series: FE-300, FE-310, FE-320, FE-330, FE-340, FE-350, FE-360- FE Series: FE-370, FE-3000, FE-3010, FE-4000, FE-4010, FE-5000- FE Series: FE-5010, FE-5020- SP Series: SP-600UZ- Stylus Series: 7010- T Series: T-100, T-110- V Series: VG-110, VG-120, VG-130, VG-140, VG-145, VG-160, VG-170- V Series: VR-310, VR-320, VR-33, VR-340, VR-350, VR-360- V Series: VH-210, VH-410, VH-510- X Series: X-15, X40, X-560WP, X-730, X-735, X-745, X-750, X-751- X Series: X-785, X-790, X-795, X-800, X-820, X-825, X-835, X-840- X Series: X-845, X-855, X-865, X-875, X-880, X-890, X-895, X-900- X Series: X-905, X-915, X-920, X-925, X-930, X-935, X-970 FujiFinepix- A100, A150, A160, A170, A175, A180, A220, A225, A850, A860, AX200- AX210, AX230, AX235, AX240, AX245W, AX250, AX280, AX300- AX305, AX330, AX335, AX350, AX355, AX360, AX380, AX385- AV10, AV100, AV105, AV110, AV120, AV130, AV150, AV180- AV200, AV205, AV215, AV225, AV230, AV235, AV240, AV250- AV255, AV280, AV285- F20, F20D, F20SE, F30, F30FD, F31, F31FD, F30FD, F40, F40FD, F45, F45FD, F47, F47FD, F50- F50FD, F60FD, F100, F100FD, F70EXR, F72EXR, F75EXR, F80EXR, F200EXR, F300EXR, F305EXR- F460, F470, F480, F500EXR, F505EXR, F500EXR, F550EXR, F550, F600EXR, F650, F660EXR- F750EXR, F770EXR- 300EXR- J10, J12, J15, J15FD, J20, J22, J25, J26, J27, J28, J29, J30, J32, J35, J37, J38- J40, J50, J100, J100W, J110, J110W, J120, J150, J150W, J210, J250- JX200, JX205, JX210, JX250, JX300, JX305, JX310, JX315, JX320- JX350, JX355, JX370, JX400, JX405, JX520, JX530, JX500, JX550, JX580, JX700, - JV90, JV100, JV105, JV110, JV150, JV160, JV170, JV200, JV205- JV210, JV250, JV255, JV300- JZ100, JZ200, JZ300, JZ305, JZ310, JZ500, JZ505, JZ510- L50, L55- XP10, XP11, XP20, XP22, XP30, XP30EXR, XP50, XP150- Z10, Z10FD, Z20, Z20FD, Z30FD, Z31FD, Z33WP, Z35FD, Z37FD, Z50FD, Z70FD- Z71FD, Z80FD, Z81FD, Z85FD, Z100FD, Z200FD, Z250FD, Z300FD- Z30, Z31, Z33WP, Z35, Z37, Z70, Z90, Z91, Z100, Z110, Z200, Z300- Z700EXR, Z707EXR, Z800EXR, Z808EXR, Z900EXR, Z909EXR, Z1000EXR- S700, S800, S1000, S1500, S1600, S1700, S1730, S1770, S1780, S1800, S1850- S1880, S1900, S2000, S2940, S2950, S2990, S3200, S3250, S3300, S3350- S3400, S3450, S3900, S4000, S4050, S4200, S4300, S4400, S4500, S4800, S5700- S5800, S6800, S8000, S8100, S8400- S2000HD, S2500HD, S2550HD, S2600HD, S2700HD, S2800HD- S2900HD- S1000FD, S1500FD, S2000FD, S8000FD, S8100FD- S200EXR- SL240, SL300- W1, W3- T190, T200, T205, T300, T305, T350, T400- X-Pro1- X10, X100- XP10, XP30, XP50, XP60, XP65, XP150- HS10, HS11, HS20EXR, HS30EXR- Real 3D W1, Real 3D W3Panasonic- LUMIX DMC-: 3D1- LUMIX DMC-: F2, F3, F4, F5- LUMIX DMC-: FH1, FH2, FH3, FH4, FH5, FH6, FH7, FH8, FH10- LUMIX DMC-: FH20, FH22, FH24, FH25, FH27- LUMIX DMC-: FP1, FP2, FP3, FP5, FP7, FP8- LUMIX DMC-: FX20- LUMIX DMC-: FS1, FS3, FS4, FS5, FS6, FS7, FS8, FS9, FS10, FS11- LUMIX DMC-: FS12, FS14, FS15, FS16, FS18, FS20, FS22, FS25- LUMIX DMC-: FS28, FS30, FS33, FS35, FS37, FS40, FS41, FS42, FS45, FS50, FS62- LUMIX DMC-: FT3, FT4, FT5, FT10, FFT20, FT25- LUMIX DMC-: FX1, FX2, FX3, FX7, FX07, FX8, FX9, FX10, FX12, FX30, FX33, - LUMIX DMC-: FX35, FX36, FX37, FX38, FX40, FX48, FX50, FX60, FX65, FX66, FX68, FX70- LUMIX DMC-: FX75, FX77, FX78, FX80, FX90, FX100- LUMIX DMC-: FX150, FX180, FX500, FX520, FX550, FX580, FX700- LUMIX DMC-: FZ1, FZ2, FZ3, FZ4, FZ5, FZ7, FZ8, FZ10, FZ15, FZ18, FZ20, FZ25, FZ27- LUMIX DMC-: FZ28, FZ30, FZ47, FZ48, FZ50, FZ60, FZ62, FZ150, FZ200, - LUMIX DMC-: G1, G2, G3, G5, G10- LUMIX DMC-: GF1, GF3, GF5, GF6- LUMIX DMC-: GH3, GX1- LUMIX DMC-: L10- LUMIX DMC-: LS1, LS2, LS3, LS5, LS6, LS60, LS70, LS75, LS80, LS85, LS86, - LUMIX DMC-: LX1, LX2, LX3, LX5, LX7- LUMIX DMC-: LZ1, LZ2, LZ3, LZ4, LZ5, LZ6, LZ7, LZ8, LZ10, LZ20, LZ30- LUMIX DMC-: S1, S2, S3, S5- LUMIX DMC-: SZ1, SZ3, SZ5, SZ7, SZ9- LUMIX DMC-: TS3, TS4, TS5, TS10, TS20, TS25- LUMIX DMC-: TZ1, TZ2, TZ3, TZ4, TZ5, TZ8, TZ11, TZ15, TZ18, TZ19, TZ20, TZ22, TZ25, TZ27- LUMIX DMC-: TZ30, TZ31, TZ35, TZ36, TZ37, TZ40, TZ41, TZ50- LUMIX DMC-: ZR1, ZR3, ZX1, ZX3- LUMIX DMC-: XS1- LUMIX DMC-: ZS5, ZS6, ZS8, ZS9, ZS10, ZS15, ZS19, ZS20, ZS25, ZS27, ZS30, - PV-SD4090, PV-SD5000 PentaxCable is known as I-USB7, I-USB17 and I-USB33- ist Series: ist DS, ist DS2, ist DL, ist DS2, ist DL2- K Series: K-01, K-5, K-7, K-M, K-X, K10D, K-20D, K-30, K-100D, K-110D, K-200D, K-2000- Optio: 33WR, 43WR, 50, 60, 450, 550, 555, 750z- Optio: A-10, A-20, A-30, A-40- Optio: E-10, E-20, E-30, E-40, E-50, E-60, E-70, E-75, E-80- Optio: M-10, M-20, M-30, M-40, M-50, M-60, M90- Optio: MX, MX1, MX-4- Optio: NB1000- Optio: H-90, I-10- Optio: L-20, L-30, L-40, L-50, L-60- Optio: LS-1000, LS-1100- Optio: P-70, P-80- Optio: Q, Q10- Optio: RZ-10, RZ-18- Optio: RS1000, RS1500, - Optio: S, S-10, S-12, S-4, S-4i, S-5i, S-5n, S-5z, S-6, S-7, S-30, S-40- Optio: S-45, S-50, S-55, S-60- Optio: SV, SVi- Optio: T-10, T-20, T-30- Optio: V-10, V-20- Optio: W-10, W-20, W-30, W-60, WS-80, W-90, WP, WPi- Optio: WG-1, WG-2, WG-3, WG-10- Optio: WS80- Optio: X, X-5, X-70, X-90- Optio: Z-10- Optio: 450, 550, 555, 750Z Sony- Alpha: A100, A200, A230, A300, A330, A350, A700, A850, A900- Alpha: DSLR-A100, DSLR-A230, DSLR-A330- CyberShot H Series: DSC-H90, DSC-H100, DSC-H200, DSC-H300, DSC-H400- CyberShot J Series: DSC-J20- CyberShot S Series: DSC-S200, DSC-S630, DSC-S650, DSC-S700- CyberShot S Series: DSC-S730, DSC-S750, DSC-S780, DSC-S800- CyberShot S Series: DSC-S950, DSC-S980, DSC-S1900,DSC-S2000- CyberShot S Series: DSC-S2100, DSC-S3000, DSC-S5000- CyberShot TF Series: DSC-TF1- CyberShot W Series: DSC-W180, DSC-W190, DSC-W310, DSC-W320- CyberShot W Series: DSC-W330, DSC-W370, DSC-W510, DSC-W520- CyberShot W Series: DSC-W530, DSC-W550, DSC-W560, DSC-W610- CyberShot W Series: DSC-W620, DSC-W630, DSC-W650, DSC-W670- CyberShot W Series: DSC-W690, DSC-W710, DSC-W730, DSC-W800- CyberShot W Series: DSC-W810, DSC-W830Konica MinoltaCable is known as Konica Minolta AVC-700- DiMAGE A200, DiMAGE X1 , DiMAGE X50, DiMAGE X60, DiMAGE Z3, DiMAGE Z5, DiMAGE Z6Samsung- Digimax A40, A50, A55W, A400- Digimax D85, ES10, ES15- Digimax L50, L60, L77, L700- Digimax 370, 430, 470, 530, 3000, 3100, 4500- Digimax U-CA1, U-CA3, U-CA4, U-CA401, U-CA501, U-CA 505- Digimax Cyber3, Cyber4- Digimax GX-1, GX-1L, GX-1S, GX-10, GX-20- Digimax V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, V10, V40, V50, V70, V700, V800, V4000- Digimax V6000- Digimax S85, S630, S730, S750, S760, S850, S860, S1050, S1060- Digimax S1065, S1070- Digimax BL103, BL1050 Sanyo: - Xacti E series: VPC-E6/VPC-E7/VPC-E60- Xacti S series :VPC-S6/VPC-S7/VPC-S60/VPC-S500- Xacti E series: VPC-E6  VPC-E7  VPC-E60- Xacti S series: VPC-S6  VPC-S7  VPC-S60 VPC-S500 Click on your brand camera to view our other USB cables:Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sony, Samsung

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