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What is On-The-Go (OTG) and is your phone compatible?

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Most mid and high-end Android phones and tablets support On-The-Go (commonly known as OTG). This useful feature allows many low-power USB devices to be connected to the phone. You can connect USB flash drives and read/copy files and even connect a games controller or mouse to use.

Using OTG is simple; plug the Micro OTG adapter into your phone and a notification will pop up saying OTG connected. Then plug in the USB device, wait a few seconds and your USB device is ready to use.

If your phone or tablet is not on the list of compatible devices below, it may still be supported. A quick search on Google or Bing will let you know whether it is or not and whether it has any limitations (some phones will only support certain USB devices). Another option is to download the "OTG Checker" app.

Compatible phones:

Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4
Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 2, Note 3
LG G2, G Pro
Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z2, Z Ultra

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