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USB Type C explained


The latest USB connector is named USB Type-C, or simply USB C. Here's the rundown on what it is and why you will need it. 

USB Type C has a new reversible connector that is a similar size to Micro USB. This is the same concept as seen with the Apple lightning connector.


The exciting part is that BOTH ends of the USB cable have the same connector! You can plug either end into your laptop or device, either way around. You will never have to fumble around trying to plug your device in.

That's not all though. The Type C connector has all of the features of the previous USB spec (3.1), plus many more including:

- Video adapters (HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort etc). No need for a separate HDMI port or MHL cable.

- Power delivery up to 100 watts. This is a HUGE increase on the old versions and power can be transferred simultaneously along with data transfer. In fact, some laptops will not have the usual "power brick" anymore - they can charge through the USB Type C connector and a USB wall charger.

- The physical USB Type 3 port is backwards compatible. In future, laptops will only have these ports (no standard bulky USB ports) which means they can be built even thinner. If you have any old devices that use normal USB connectors, you can plug an adapter into the Type 3 port and continue to use it like a standard one. Laptops that only have Type 3 ports should include a standard USB adapter.

UberCable will get getting USB Type-C cables in stock soon!

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