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Digital Camera USB connectors

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In 2009, The majority of Mobile Phone manufacturers (with the exception of Apple) came to an agreement that all phones would use the Micro USB connection. Digital Cameras also have a de-facto standard USB connector, but it was never part of any agreement.

Digital Camera brands have for years used their own proprietary connectors. Losing or breaking the cable would result in a costly replacement. Over the past few years, the major Digital Camera manufacturers have moved onto 4 main connectors. Clicking on the links below will open the UberCable product page, which includes closeup images of the USB connectors.

8 pin de-facto digital camera cable (at UberCable, we call it 8-pin C) - This cable is a similar size to Micro USB, but the corners are rounded, not diagonally straight like on a Micro USB. You can also visually see 8 pins inside the connector. Most manufacturers use this cable type. This is by far the most common Digital Camera connector type. Olympus use this cable type, but also use the 12-pin type listed below.

5-pin Micro-USB - Easily recognised as it's the same as a Mobile Phone cable from any Windows or Android phone. Samsung, Sony & Kodak use this cable type.

5-pin Mini- USB - Easily identifiable connector. Canon is the only manufacturer that is still releasing new cameras that use Mini USB, although most manufacturers have used this cable type in the past.

12-pin Olympus - Only used on some Olympus models, but still quite popular. It's easily identified by the tall connector (about the size of 2 Micro USB connectors stacked on top of eachother).

Older model cameras may use another connector to the above types. You can search for your specific model here.

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