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Postage pricing changes


As of today, 15th March, our postage prices will be changing to $10 for regular and $15 for express, flat rate per order.

Since 2011, we have kept our postage prices the same without any inceases. Due to Australia Post pricing increases over the past few years, as well as longer delivery times with the standard postage service, we have had to make these changes.

However, ALL orders will now be sent out via Australia Post's eParcel service. This means EVERY order is fully trackable (you'll receive the tracking number automatically when your order is sent) and delivery times will be reduced by 1-2 days on average.

Sony Xperia Magnetic USB cables added, basic SATA cables now $1

Added a couple of products:Sony Xperia Magnetic USB cable - This is for the waterproof Xperia models with the contacts on the side for charging. See the product page for compatibilityWe also now have basic SATA cables in stock (without locking clips or 90 degree bends) for just $1 (and bulk discounts available too!).

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USB Type C explained

The latest USB connector is named USB Type-C, or simply USB C. Here's the rundown on what it is and why you will need it. USB Type C has a new reversible connector that is a similar size to Micro USB. This is the same concept as seen with the Apple lightning connector.The exciting part is [...]

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UberCable closed 21st - 28th May

UberCable will be closed from Wednesday 21st of May through to Wednesday 28th of May. Orders received on Tuesday 20th will be processed as per usual and sent off on the 21st.All orders received from the 21st until the 28th will be processed on Thursday the 29th of May.Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. [...]

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UberCable now accepts eWay

We are now accepting payments through eWay Australia. eWay is a payment gateway that accepts virtually all types of credit cards.Using eWay means we can accept credit card payments through the site directly without having to redirect to PayPal. We still also accept Bank Transfers and PayPal payment options.

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What is On-The-Go (OTG) and is your phone compatible?

Most mid and high-end Android phones and tablets support On-The-Go (commonly known as OTG). This useful feature allows many low-power USB devices to be connected to the phone. You can connect USB flash drives and read/copy files and even connect a games controller or mouse to use.Using OTG is simple; plug the Micro OTG adapter [...]

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Digital Camera USB connectors

In 2009, The majority of Mobile Phone manufacturers (with the exception of Apple) came to an agreement that all phones would use the Micro USB connection. Digital Cameras also have a de-facto standard USB connector, but it was never part of any agreement.Digital Camera brands have for years used their own proprietary connectors. Losing or [...]

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First Post

New blog up and running! This blog page will not only contain updates on products on UberCable, but also random tech news info, videos and more.Today's post is regarding the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Following in the upgrade steps from the S3 to S4, the new model will offer a slightly larger screen [...]

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